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Welcome to our Blog!

We're happy to announce the launch of Blink’s official blog – welcome everyone! The Blink journey has been a whirlwind, and we are excited to keep the momentum going with this newest milestone! As some of you may know, Blink  began as many projects do nowadays: with a Kickstarter campaign. Somehow, among the hundreds of innovative ideas, people found ours. One supporter became two, ten supporters became one hundred, and in what seemed to be a “blink” of an eye, our humble project snowballed to having nearly 7000 backers with over $1,000,000 pledged. This community shared in the same belief that we had when the idea of Blink was born: that true peace of mind doesn't (and shouldn't) stop at the front door. With this “Aha” moment as our inspiration, we became determined to make affordable, whole-home monitoring a reality for everyone. In our ongoing commitment to this mission and vision, we'll use the blog to pose questions and gather feedback on Blink, its features (current and future), and your experiences. And while we'll continue to post regular Kickstarter updates for both backers and pre-order customers to follow along with the project, you'll find plenty of new and (we hope) interesting information here as well. We encourage all of our followers to post replies here, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter, or email us with ideas, questions, or comments so that we can continue to create and expand upon a system that's most meaningful to our users. As always, a sincere thanks to our backers and supporters for taking us into your homes and making us a part of your family. And to our community and visitors (old and new): please, keep the ideas and feedback coming!


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