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3 Easy ways to protect your online purchases

3 Easy ways to protect your online purchases

While there is a significant drop in footfall, with many consumers abandoning shopping in retail stores, online purchases have sky-rocketed. Especially in the run up to Christmas, why risk crowds when you can do most of your Christmas shopping online from the comfort of your own home?

Christmas packages

However, it’s not always plain sailing and sometimes, as frustrating as it is, your perfect Christmas presents, and stocking-fillers never turn up or get stolen. Often, tracking down or going through the right customer service departments or channels are notoriously difficult. The chances of reaching someone and having the issue resolved can be near impossible.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to go back in time to see what happened? Well, we don't have a time machine, but there's a more proactive approach that you can rely on. Video security software can keep track of what's going on at your home 24-7. With the right home monitoring technology and the below guidance, you'll be able to prove that there's no possible way your package disappeared into thin air!

Step 1: Find and Record the Delivery Date and Time.

It's important to always request tracking information for your packages and receipts or order numbers. Knowing when and how your package was delivered helps you piece together the beginnings of where your package "took its wrong turn." Did someone sign for it? Was it left at your work while you were off? Or was it dropped off with a neighbour? Know these things before moving forward. You would hate to accuse someone of something for it to turn out to be a misunderstanding.

Step 2: Know Every Time Someone is on Your Property.

Know when the delivery person comes to the door and if anyone else comes to the door after they leave. Advanced technology, such as Blink's HD video cameras, can send motion-activated alerts straight to your smartphone. You'll receive these notifications with a link to the video attached, so you can decide how to respond. Just like that, you've caught your culprit red-handed!

Step 3: You Have all the Evidence You Need!

Blink's home monitoring and security cameras provide a watchful eye and one-click connection to their home. Become your own detective without all the hassle. Plus, the software is wireless and portable, for easy setup. Learn more about our contract-free security software and amazingly affordable prices at blinkforhome.co.uk


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