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3 Home Safety Tips for Your Children and Young Adults

3 Home Safety Tips for Your Children and Young Adults

Okay, so your kids aren’t exactly “kids” anymore. But does that mean you stop worrying about their welfare? Of course not. Are they being safe? Are they being responsible? Have you taught them everything they need to know about protecting themselves in their first real home outside that of their parents’ house. You care about your kids and you care about home security. Here are our top three home safety and security tips that are worth sharing with your young adult children.

Keep exterior doors locked… even when you’re at home. 

According to the Office of National Statistics, between 2015 & 2016 there were an alarming 195, 286 burglaries, and often these burglaries can occur when the occupant is at home. Your kids know to lock their front and back doors when they leave for the day, but do they know how important it is to stay safe by keeping their home locked up when they’re just hanging out on the sofa watching Netflix? Now they will.

Don’t just use a hide-a-key for your spare.

Often, burglaries occur only after the burglar has spent time watching the property, or “casing it,” to find out the occupant’s habits and the gaps in their security. So, if your kids use a hide-a-key, there’s a chance someone is watching. That’s not even mentioning the fact that not all criminals are stupid! They know what a fake rock looks like. They know to look under flower pots and door mats and on top of the door jam. Instead, advise your family members to leave an extra key with a trusted neighbour.

Install an affordable and easy home monitoring system.

If your children are young adults living in rented accommodation or in their first home, they may not think they can afford a video home monitoring system. That’s where Blink comes in. This completely wireless video security system allows you to access video feed of your home at any time of day, from any location, simply by using your smart phone via the Blink app. There are no installation hassles or monthly contracts. Just pay a one-time low fee to purchase the wireless system, and your kids can self-install in seconds.

You want to do everything you can to help your adult children stay safe in life. Here’s one thing that’s an easy decision. Learn more about Blink to get started!

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