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Are You Moving into an Apartment? Remember These Security Tips

Are You Moving into an Apartment? Remember These Security Tips

You paid the security deposit, you finally have your keys, and now you’re ready to move into your new apartment. So, what’s the first thing you should do? Securing your new place should be a top priority. Below are some practical tips for adding a security system to monitor your apartment before you move everything in.

Install a Home Monitoring System

Your first line of defense should be to install a home security system. The good news is that you no longer have to be tied down to signing contracts or paying ridiculous fees. Advanced security systems like Blink provide you with all the equipment you need to create a perimeter around your apartment. You can install the security cameras and sensors yourself, place them wherever you want, and set the system up from your phone.

Remote Video

Today’s video security technology allows users to monitor their apartment straight from their computer, phone, or other device. When considering what type of video surveillance you want for your apartment, go with the high-definition infrared cameras like the Blink XT launching soon in the UK. Video equipment with these capabilities allows you to clearly view all activity in your home straight from the app on your phone. Remote video allows you to catch a criminal in action while you’re on the other side of town.

Go Wireless

A wireless system puts you in control of your home monitoring and gives you the flexibility you need to place your devices anywhere you want. When you move out, simply take the entire system with you and set it up in your new place. Wireless allows you to create a strategy for how you personally want your home to be monitored. You can place additional cameras and sensors in and around the apartment as needed. Conceal your wireless units so that intruders cannot find them.

Place Security Stickers on Your Doors and Windows

Once you receive your Blink Security System, it’s time to let everyone else know that your apartment is secure. The best way to do this is to place stickers on your windows and doors in plain view. Keep in mind that stickers do not completely deter burglars. A sticker will not fool a smart thief. Therefore, stickers should never be used to replace a system; rather, they’ll simply let people know that your house is being monitored and can act as a deterrent. To learn more about Blink and how to get started head to blinkforhome.co.uk.

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