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BBC and ONS Crime Calculator: Are You at Risk?

BBC and ONS Crime Calculator: Are You at Risk?

Did you know your age, gender and employment status all affect how vulnerable you are to crime?

The BBC, working with the Office for National Statistics, has just published an interactive crime calculator for England and Wales that calculates how likely you are to fall victim to various personal, household and vehicle crimes, based on your gender, age, postcode and employment status.

Young people are targets for household crime

In certain areas, especially densely populated cities, you are more likely to fall victim to robbery and violence – just because of the number of people surrounding you. But did you realise that in terms of burglary and household crimes, your age group is a more significant factor than your postcode?

For example, in most areas the risk of falling victim to burglary is much higher and the risk of ‘other household theft’ almost doubles when the age category is lowered from 30-59 to 16-29. The BBC report concludes that young people are the most at risk of being a victim of crime, although they as a group are the least concerned.

Protect your home and your family

Generally, when young adults move away from home – either to university or to start work, they will likely move into shared, cheaper, and less-secure accommodation. New renters or home-owners are also not as used to the practises of ensuring doors and windows are always secured, giving burglars an easy target.

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