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Be smart about living alone

Be smart about living alone

Being left home alone briefly or even living on your own can be fun and peaceful but sometimes it can leave one feeling uneasy. Throwing parties with friends can be fun but late nights on your own can sometimes feel lonely, depending on where you live.

You may be worried about who’s lurking around the exterior of your house, potential break-ins and just need reassurance. Strange noises and dark, drizzly February nights can be unsettling but if you are concerned about safety when in your home alone. So, here are five ways to feel safe and secure and provide peace of mind.

Beware of the bark

As reported in the Guardian by ex-burglars, dogs really can deter criminals from committing theft. Whether you put up a beware of the dog sign or actually invest in a guard dog, the loud, aggressive noises will surely put anyone off!


Installing motion-activated security lights or exterior lights on a set timer i.e. to come on after 11pm can help reduce the likelihood of someone trespassing onto your property, as criminals will have nowhere to hid.

Safety in numbers

If you haven’t already, engage and work with your neighbours to ensure everyone looks out for each other, so that if you are on holiday, or simply away for the weekend, you can rely on other eyes to keep check on your property.

Make use of your driveway

Having cars parked on a driveway, especially a gravel driveway, or near your house can deter criminals. The noisy gravel driveway and the reduced access to doors and windows makes it harder for criminals to leave your house with your valuables.

Smart security

Install CCTV or, alternatively, a cost-effective measure is to install smart home security cameras like Blink. Did you know one of the many perks is being able to see in real-time wherever you are what’s occurring in your home, even if you are being lazy and want to know what’s happening in the next room or outside!

Ensure peace of mind today by exploring how a home security and monitoring camera like Blink can help deter criminals. Buy your Blink security cameras today, entirely contract-free at www.blinkforhome.co.uk

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