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Blink Cameras are used to protect a Castle!

Blink Cameras are used to protect a Castle!

Did you know, Blink Home Security & Monitoring Cameras are used to protect a Castle? Yes, you heard that right.

If you currently have a Blink system, chances are you use it to monitor your home, pets or loved ones. However, there are a multitude of instances that the Blink system can be used and adapted for. Blink recently surveyed small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) customers to find out more about their needs and how they use their Blink systems to safeguard their organisations property. 

The results of survey demonstrate that a plethora of businesses are turning to smart-tech home security solutions, a shift away from the established trend of investing in hard-wired CCTV security systems. Since the UK launch in late 2016, over a thousand SMEs are benefitting from the portable, 5 min-to-set-up, smart-phone enabled Blink camera system. Blink SME customers include: Doctor & Dental Surgeries, Hotels, Construction sites, Landlords, Elderly care homes, Police dog kennels and even a Castle!

Considering the size of many SMEs, it’s easy to understand how devastating a burglary, theft or act of vandalism can be, especially if it disrupts services or damages a brands reputation, which ultimately affects an organisations bottom line. In 2016, 18% of SMEs reported that they were a victim of crime. So using a low-cost, easy-to-use security and monitoring device to keep check on your business, while you are on the go is extremely beneficial.

Severndroog Castle owner Dave Coles comments on why he chose Blink home security cameras,

     “We rely on technology to underpin and augment the work of our mainly volunteer staff. Our Blink cameras are already helping us monitor footfall and provide out of hours security. Hours can be set easily to cover times when the office is empty. It creates a full log of movement triggered footage, you receive notifications if movement is detected and can check a live feed at any time you wish. It just works”.  

Find out more about how Blink home security system could be the perfect solution for monitoring your property or business.

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