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Blink home videos!

Blink home videos!

Since Blink’s UK launch in 2016, our customers have been sending in some great footage that they have captured with their Blink systems. We’re lucky to receive lots of videos that show Blink to be working as designed – identifying potential threats to your property and helping give you peace of mind while you’re away from home. Check out this astonishing footage from one Blink customer showing a close call with a porch thief:

We’re guessing it wasn’t the cat that made him think twice…

However, some of our favourite Blink home videos are those that show what your pets get up to when you’re not around:

We’re also lucky to have a fantastic insight into aspects of wildlife that they would not be able to capture without smart home cameras like Blink. Take a look at this video of a hedgehog preparing his nest:

Recently, we’ve been sharing some of the highlights of the Blink user footage that we get sent to us on our social media channels. If you have any fun and interesting Blink footage of your own, share it with us on Twitter @BlinkforhomeUk and Facebook @blinkforhomeuk!

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