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Blink XT Arrives in UK

Blink XT Arrives in UK

Blink launches UK’s most affordable outdoor security camera 

Blink, the ultra-affordable, wire-free home security and HD video monitoring system, launches its highly anticipated outdoor camera, the Blink XT, into the UK.

In response to customer demand for a weatherproof model, Blink launched its highly anticipated Blink XT camera. Suitably held at the ICEBAR in London, the outdoor camera is able to operate at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius, one of many benefits. 

The Blink XT works with Blink’s indoor models, so current users can integrate seamlessly with existing systems, but can also be used independently with the Blink Sync module, the base station sync module hub.

“We are thrilled to announce our affordable outdoor camera so Blink customers and new users alike can protect their entire home, inside and out,” comments Peter Besen, Blink CEO. “The Blink XT demonstrates our commitment to developing integrated products that serve the home protection needs of consumers by fitting perfectly into their lifestyles.”

The Blink XT detects motion, and immediately sends a push notification alert and an HD quality video to a user’s smartphone. The system can be armed/disarmed remotely, and live video can be watched anytime from anywhere. The Blink XT includes configurable 5-60 second clip length, IFTTT and Amazon Alexa integration, a two-year battery life, weatherproof technology, infrared night vision and 1080p HD video quality. Priced at £149.99 inc VAT for the XT camera and sync module, it is the most affordable outdoor camera on the market, with no monthly contract or storage fees.

Blink’s free online storage, with no contracts or monthly fees, allows users to manage their clips the way they like to, save locally, share or enable automatic management. 

Key features:

Two-year battery life – With two off-the-shelf AA lithium batteries, Blink XT cameras will last two years versus other battery-operated cameras that have a battery life of only a few months.

1080p full HD video – Blink XT is the only battery-operated camera to offer 1080p support for crystal clear full HD video. Customers can select between the 720 HD default or 1080p.

Weatherproof technology – Blink XT is IP-65 rated to ensure that the water-resistant unit delivers clear, HD quality video no matter the conditions.

Infrared night vision – Allows for round-the-clock surveillance, day or night.

Blink units can be purchased on amazon.co.uk or directly through the brand’s website at blinkforhome.co.uk



1 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £149.99

2 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £239.99

3 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £329.99

5 Blink XT outdoor camera system: £499.99

Blink XT Add-on outdoor camera: £119.99

Additional Blink sync unit £89.99

All pricing includes VAT and all systems include a Blink sync unit. 

Explore the full range and follow Blink on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 


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