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What do you see with Blink?

What do you see with Blink?

Although the main purpose of your Blink system is home security, you never know what else you might catch on film when you're out of the house.

Motion alerts sent straight to your phone mean that you know exactly what's going on in your home when you aren't there. You can sync up to 10 cameras to a single Sync Module, meaning that you can keep an eye on several different rooms, and outside, all on the same account.

From checking up on naughty pets to keeping an eye on the kids... Here are some of the other great things you can use your HD Cameras for.


Ever wonder what your pets get up to when you're not home? Your pet is a member of the family and you want to be able to monitor them when you're not there. 

If they're running wild round the house you'll soon know as it will trigger the motion alerts to your device. Or, if you're just missing your furry friend, with Live View you can simply open your Blink App and see what they're up to.

One Blink user learned the hard way not to leave their leftover dinner out on the worktop with a hungry pup around... Take a look.

Tip: If your pet is a little too curious and keeps setting off your Blink system, you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector. 


Whether they're home alone for the first time, or just in the playroom and you want to keep an eye, a home security system allows you to make sure your kids are safe when you're not with them. An extra set of eyes (or 10!) can make all the difference when you've got unpredictable little ones around.

As the saying goes, 'Silence is golden... unless you have a toddler, then silence is very, very suspicious...' This Mum found out just that when her Blink cameras caught her adventurous toddler making a break for it.


Ever wondered what animals are rustling in the bushes or creeping around by the window at night? With the new outdoor Blink XT cameras, you can see what's going on all around your house as well as inside it. You might even spot a legendary wild big cat (But it's probably just a fox... sorry).

This one is un-BEE-lievable... these little creatures can't get enough of the XT.



What have you caught on your Blink cameras? We'd love to see your videos! Send them to us on Twitter or Facebook and hashtag #WhenIBlinkISee. The best videos and image stills received could be featured on our social media and blogs so send them our way!  


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