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Check out the new Features for Blink!

Check out the new Features for Blink!

Blink App on Fire Tablets 
You can now download the Blink app right to your Amazon Fire tablet! The app will work just like it does on your phone, allowing you to add devices, schedule and arm/disarm cameras, and livestream video to your tablet. 

Enable Blink SmartHome on Alexa 
You can also enable the “Blink SmartHome” Alexa skill on your on Fire tablet! Once you do, you can ask Alexa to show your Blink cameras by name. Even without a Blink app installed, Alexa will be able to livestream your cameras right to your tablet.

Arm, Disarm, and More
You can now also arm, disarm and get information about your Blink video security system using voice commands with the Blink SmartHome Skill. It’s simple, just ask Alexa:

“Alexa, ask Blink to arm my home system?”
"Alexa, ask Blink disarm my Office system, my pin is ####"
“Alexa, ask Blink when was my last motion alert?”
"Alexa, ask Blink what's my schedule?"
“Alexa, ask Blink what is my status?

All Device List 
You can now see all of your Blink Devices in a
simple list. Click the system name at the top of your app screen to bring up the menu, and then select “All Devices.”

Reorder Homepage Devices
Not happy with the order your cameras are displayed in the app? Want to put a certain camera at the top of the list? With the new update, you can reorder your cameras by holding and dragging the device name on the new All Devices list.



Feb 07, 2019 • Posted by Angela

Would this work on a holiday caravan.
Huawei P9 phone.
Thank you.

Nov 07, 2018 • Posted by Gilbert ham

Will the blink camera work thro a window ?

Nov 07, 2018 • Posted by Mohamed Oral

HI Blink team,

can you please also have those great features made in other languages?
I use Alexa in French and it won’t accept commands in English.


Nov 07, 2018 • Posted by Ian Williams

The 10 second trigger time needs to be zero, would also be useful to be able to monitor via a PC.

Nov 07, 2018 • Posted by Tim

Any news on a uk release date for the blink doorbell yet?

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