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Dos and Don’s of Smart Surveillance

Dos and Don’s of Smart Surveillance

Research by comparethemarket.com has found an astonishing 3.2 million British homeowners are using smart, DIY home security and monitoring cameras. Instead of the hassle and expense of using CCTV, many individuals are opting for a more cost-effective and easier method of monitoring property while away. While the use of smart home security cameras is on the rise, it’s worth noting the legalities. Knowing the best ways to make use of the cameras to produce the best results, whilst avoiding any wrongdoing, helps to ensure peace of mind.

Laws of surveillance

The ICO details extensive protocols when using CCTV or home surveillance systems on your property.

Most CCTV use is already covered by the Data Protection Act. However, when applied to your own property, you will be exempt from the Data Protection Act, unless you are capturing footage using smart home security and monitoring cameras outside your property boundaries.

The dos

Essentially, this is what you are allowed to do:
  • You can monitor inside and within your property boundaries to keep tabs on crime or suspicious activity without restrictions.
  • You are free to monitor outside, as long as you are within your personal property, but clear and visible signs indicating that there are surveillance cameras in operation must be displayed, clear and obvious to others.
  • You can provide images or video footage to help police with a criminal investigation, who can then disclose the perpetrators for identification.

The Dont's

Here is what you should keep in mind:
  • You CANNOT record audio outside of your property boundaries, such as conversations between random members of the public, or pointing cameras into other peoples private gardens.
  • If you wish to record footage outside of your property, you must first seek permission and register with the ICO.
  • You are NOT allowed to disclose images of identifiable people to the media or put them on the internet for entertainment purposes.

Whether you want to make sure your property is safe or wish to keep check on your puppies or children, it's worth investing in a simple yet effective home security and monitoring camera. 

Explore how the Blink home security and monitoring cameras can help maintain peace of mind.

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Feb 28, 2020 • Posted by Stacey Cunningham

what if i want to use the blink system in my very small business where i have employees and customers. am i right in thinking i cant record the audio there either? more to the point, you have ‘two way audio’ plastered everywhere but if we are not allowed to record audio in some places it might be beneficial to express that you can turn off the audio recording function or not..

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