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Home Security Tips: 5 Ways to Secure Your Home Beyond Just an Alarm System

Home Security Tips: 5 Ways to Secure Your Home Beyond Just an Alarm System

When most people are concerned about home security, they immediately turn to a traditional alarm system. While these devices are great protection, there’s much more your family can do to ensure a safe home. Try adding these five home monitoring techniques to your daily routine.

Perform Frequent Lock Checks

Do you leave windows cracked, or your balcony door unlocked? Then you may be risking a potential security breach. Even if your windows and doors sit multiple stories off the ground, thieves are professionals at crafting unique methods to invade your home. Before bed, do a routine check of all the locks on doors and windows — even on pet entrances — to prevent unwanted visitors from unlawfully entering your sacred dwelling.

Win Over the Neighbors

Establish an informal neighborhood watch program on your block. Make arrangements for members of the household next door to watch your home while you are away for longer periods of time. Ask them to do frequent checks for suspicious behavior in and around your property. If you return the favor, you’ll ensure everyone in your neighborhood will feel safer.

Keep a Locked Safe

Some things just can’t be replaced. There’s nothing worse than having your most prized possessions stolen. Protect them by making them hard to get to. Get a digital safe with a passcode to store jewelry, electronics and family memorabilia. Make sure these valuables are locked tight overnight, as well as anytime you are away from your home.

Get a Pet

A loyal canine is a lovable way to protect your home against threats. Train your dog to bark at anyone’s entry into your home, which will scare intruders away before they can make their move.

Install Security Cameras

Keep your home protected with video security. You can get equipment for constant home monitoring from work, vacation or a quick run to the store. Blink’s advanced software offers a completely wireless home security camera that sends motion-activated alerts and HD video straight to your smartphone. Set it up and go! The devices are virtually self-sustaining, with a battery life of two years!

Setting up video security is much easier than you think. Check out our affordable, no-contract offerings, no monthly fee cameras here.


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