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Home security tips and advice for the elderly

Home security tips and advice for the elderly

Feeling safe and secure at home or in your property is a key priority for obvious reasons, but more so for the elderly and disabled. Censuswide recently conducted a survey and found a staggering 46% of Londoners over 65 know someone who has been burgled. One in eleven over 65s have forgotten to lock the door when leaving the home in the day.

A real worry is the likelihood of being vulnerable to burglaries and attacks from home or even being victimised and being burgled is a very traumatic experience. A practical way to stay secure, monitor who is arriving at your property or ‘casing the joint’, is to invest in a home security solution, which guarantees peace of mind.  

Using a smart home security camera can help ensure the elderly can have more independence. They can be safe in the knowledge their home is protected whether they are at home, in the garden or abroad.  Aside from ensuring your property is securely locked, what other steps can you take? We outline our top five tips below.

Open doors are easy access…

Therefore, it’s essential that doors and windows remain shut and locked to stop criminals entering easily, even if you are pottering in the garden, it’s a vital precaution to take. Especially at night, don’t feel pressurised to open the door if you are not expecting someone. Ask for ID, contact friends or family if you have a neighbourhood watch scheme and don’t be afraid to say you’re busy if you are unsure or have a hunch something isn’t right.

Make a noise

If you have a driveway, putting gravel down is another proven trick to deter criminals as the noise made is sufficient to make them think twice about targeting your property.

Bright lights

Ensure all entry ways are well lit by scheduling lights or installing motion sensor lights to deter criminals, making them think twice in case they get spotted.  

Toughen your protection

Make sure your doors are sturdy, with multiple locks or even deadbolt locks on exterior doors and gates. Certain windows could be altered to have one-way glass, helping protect valuables but also provides privacy. A security film could be easily added to windows, making it harder to break in.

Blink for home and peace of mind

Install a wireless, smart and cost-effective home security and monitoring system on your porch or front door to act as a peephole. You then don’t have to be at home to see who’s lurking outside your property! You can double check the right people are on the other side of the door remotely, with live footage and notifications sent straight to your smartphone. These HD video cameras can also be used to monitor caregivers, or babysitters with footage accessible live wherever, and whenever.

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