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How to Convince Your Child to Get a Wireless Surveillance Camera

How to Convince Your Child to Get a Wireless Surveillance Camera

Kids might roll their eyes at the concept of home security. It often symbolizes a loss of freedom and another duty added to their list of chores. But, what if you could make video security fun and something they are excited to be a part of?

You can try implementing these convincing techniques to get your children active and interested in home monitoring, without having to force them to get a security camera.

Entice Them with Cool Technology

Blink offers a wire-free security system, which is installed by the person who knows your home the best—you. Invite your children into the entire process of video security, from placing the cameras to setting up the app to watching the footage. They’ll be excited to show their friends what they can do right from their smartphones!

Make it a Game

Games such as hide-n-seek could provide a fun way to teach children how to operate the video security system from their smartphones, plus, they will learn to be aware of which areas to secure best if there is an intruder.

Give Them an Excuse to Get on Their Smart Phones

They are on their smartphones all day anyway! Set your children up with the app, so they can assist with monitoring their room while no one’s home. Everything needed to operate your Blink device is offered in its app, including video streaming and controls. They will feel like a digital spy!

They Can Keep Tabs on You, Too

While you may be setting up security to keep a close eye on your children, let them know they have a way to know where you are all the time too. If they’re scared of the dark, or just curious about what you are bringing up the driveway for dinner, their comfort is but a live stream away!

Entice Them with Privacy

Give your children a sense of authority over their privacy. Negotiate where cameras will be placed to make them feel trusted, comfortable and protected at the same time. Plus, with its LED light indicator, they’ll know when Blink is recording them, so they are never caught off guard.

The good news? Convincing your child to like the idea of a security camera won’t be so hard with these tips. Blink offers wireless products that are affordable, easy to assemble and long-lasting, with automation capabilities such as instant on and instant alerts. Grab the kids right now and show them how our home monitoring works.



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