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How To Keep Your Beloved Pet Safe

How To Keep Your Beloved Pet Safe

Britain is currently experiencing a pet theft crimewave. Since 2012 the number of reported thefts and incidents has steadily increased each year. According to latest figures from a recent Freedom of Information request 121 more dogs were stolen in 2017, than in 2016. In fact, last year alone there were nearly 2,000 dog thefts reported to the police, with many more going unreported. 

It’s thought that the popularity of certain breeds, AKA ‘designer dogs’, is driving the crimewave, with particular breeds such as the Staffordshire bull terrier, French bulldog and Chihuahua proving to be the most sought after. However, it’s not just dogs you should worry about though, as pedigree cats are also being targeted.

It can be a frightening thought to have your beloved pet stolen to order by gangs or even held for ransom. Are there areas where, as a pet owner, you are more vulnerable? Direct Line cite areas of Yorkshire, the South East and London are more likely to experience pet theft compared to Wales.

It’s worth noting that wherever you live, there are steps you can take to minimise the likelihood of your pet being stolen and achieve peace of mind:

Track your pet

Make sure you microchip your pets and attach a collar ID tag with an up to date contact number and address. If your pet ends up lost or stolen it will then be easier to track the owner with the relevant information. It can also act as a deterrent, making your pet less of an easy target. Make sure you report the incident of a lost pet as soon as possible, as you’ll have a much better chance of being reunited!

Unattended pets

Whilst it may only seem momentarily at the time, popping out to run an errand and leaving your dog unattended tied up outside a building, or in a car with the windows wide open, is an easy way to attract opportunist criminals.

Secure your home but more importantly your garden

Security in your home might be super tight, but often gardens and entryways can be neglected. Gates, sheds, garages and out buildings need to be locked securely with double locks. Supervise your dog in your garden as an extra measure. Bells or chimes near or on gates along with gravel driveways helps provide an advanced warning of an intruder.

Keep an eye on your pets using Blink home security:

By investing in a cost-effective smart home solution such as Blink, you can monitor and improve the safety and security of your home, children and pets indoors and in the garden. By positioning the cameras at key entryways, and covering the garden, you can achieve peace of mind whether you are in the kitchen wanting to feel assured the garden is secure, or whether you take advantage of the UK heatwave by having a BBQ with friends away from home.

With Blink you can rest assured your home is safe and secure, with live updates going straight to your phone. Peace of mind anytime, anywhere!

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