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How to: Maintain Privacy and Security in Your Home

How to: Maintain Privacy and Security in Your Home

These days, it seems like everyone wants to invade your privacy. From identity thieves and burglars to spammers and social media hacks, illegal activity can make you feel closed in. However, you don’t have to feel helpless. Below are three practical steps you can take right now to maintain privacy and security in your home.

Secure with Home Security 

If you’re serious about defending your property, then start by creating a perimeter around your home. Invest in a video security system. Rather than signing contracts and paying inflated fees, purchase a wireless system that you can place anywhere in your current home and take with you when you move. Place a high-definition infrared video camera at all entry points so that intruders can be identified anytime.

Secure All Entries to Your Home

Walk around your house or apartment in both the interior and exterior to look for areas where burglars may be able to gain access to your home. The two main points of entry are windows and doors. Most modern windows have locks that are tamper-proof. Doors should be equipped with a combination of locks, such as a bolt lock and a chain lock. Place additional locks at either the top or the bottom of the doors. These are locks that only you will have access to from the inside.

Limit Connections to Your Personal Accounts

By 2022, it is estimated that the average family will have over 500 automated devices in their homes. Automation refers to technology such as smart home automated lights, media accounts for music and television, automated thermostats, and universal interconnected devices that control all systems.

Most of these automated systems are set up and controlled by smartphones or computers. This allows hackers to go through the systems to locate personal information on your phone. In other words, your online accounts, banking accounts, and even National Insurance and driver’s license numbers are vulnerable.

Before purchasing any equipment that requires setting up a personal account, make sure that the equipment and the account are secure and cannot be hacked from the outside.

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