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Advice For Young Adults Overcoming 5 City Dangers

Advice For Young Adults Overcoming 5 City Dangers

Is your child leaving the nest egg and security of a small town, and now chasing their dream in the big city? If so, here’s how to help them stay safe in the face of some common urban dangers.

  1. Stress

Everyone’s always on-the-go in the big city. Commutes are long and tiring. Every profession is competitive since there’s always someone to step in and take your job, if you’re not performing on a high level. In fact, Nightingale Hospital reported a rise of people living and working in the city requiring mental health treatment, due to depression and stress being much more prevalent. Remind your city-dwelling child to take time out for self-care and mental health days.

  1. Pollution

The air pollution levels of London and other major cities in the UK have always been high, but recently have surpassed the likes of Beijing. Those exposed to the high levels of pollutants of city life are more prone to high rates of illness and death. Remind your kids to wear a smog mask when in particularly polluted areas and to jog only in less-polluted green spaces.

  1. Loneliness

Even though you may never be alone in a city, it’s quite common to feel lonely. Being surrounded by unfamiliar, uncaring masses is where the term “alone in a crowd” comes from. Remind your city kids to reach out to friends when they’re feeling isolated.

  1. Theft and Assault

Big city life may not be much more dangerous than small town life, but the chances of being pick-pocketed or being assaulted is definitely higher. Remind your kids to ensure they are in a group, more safety in numbers, be vigilant, alert someone on any serious incidents, even the police, using the non-emergence text facility or even invest in self-defence classes.

  1. Burglaries

Current burglary rates are high, and you can help your children protect themselves and their home by giving them a completely wireless video home security system. For example, a Blink system lets them install the camera themselves in a few minutes flat. Imagine the freedom to view a video of your home interior at any time by using your smart phone. And the best part? It’s more affordable than you think.

You want to do everything you can to help your adult children stay safe in life. Here’s one thing that’s bound to help. Learn more about Blink to get started today.




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