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Peace of mind with Blink - a customer case study

Peace of mind with Blink - a customer case study

David Jenkins, 43, lives in Birmingham, UK. He works for a global technology consulting firm and travels constantly, on average three or four days per week, and as a hobby he builds guitars. The nature of his job means that his house is typically empty for around half of the time.

He was becoming increasingly nervous about the crime levels in his area, which have seen a recent upturn. He was searching for a web-backed camera solution to keep an eye on things for him whilst he was away, and wanted a system which would let him check on his property whenever he wanted to, rather than a conventional security alarm, which he could not check up on.

Needing Blink for peace of mind

A friend of David’s who lives in New York suggested that he took a look at the Blink wire-free home security and monitoring system. David did so, and compared the Blink with other available systems. After undertaking his comparative research David purchased a Blink three-camera system as soon as it became available in the UK. The reason that he chose Blink was because of the true wireless nature of the product, the long battery life, and that other available solutions either wrote to local storage or charged for the sending of clips. In his view “Blink was the best of all worlds.”

David uses Blink’s scheduling feature to set up overnight monitoring for every day, whether he is home or not. He arms the system when out of the house. He has found it very useful to connect from abroad and is able to view what is going on at home while he is out. He has one camera in the hall covering the front door, hallway and staircase, one in the living room spotlighting his precious collection of guitars, and one in his garage/workshop to cover all his tools. When the outdoor camera is released he wants to have one covering the front of the house and one the rear.

He loves the fact that he now has total peace of mind when he is travelling and regularly checks back in to see his beloved guitar collection. He can almost hear Jimmy Page playing Stairway to Heaven whilst on his travels.

Nobody at (my) home

Case study update:

David Jenkins emailed into Blink HQ:

“Last week I was sitting at my desk at a remote office (over four hours travel from home) I received an SMS message from my cleaner to let me know that she couldn't get into my house, and she suspected that someone had been tampering with the front door lock. Fortunately, one of my Blink cameras is set up pointing directly at the interior of my front door.  Because of that I was quickly able to verify two things: (1) nobody had made it through the door, and (2) there was no obvious sign of tampering that had damaged the door.

When I arrived home later the door was somehow unlocked. My first thought was "is there someone inside my home and I missed a notification?"  No problem.  A couple of clicks on the Blink app confirmed that there had been no triggering of the cameras, and that everything visible on the various cameras was still where it should have been. 

In short, the Blink system gave me peace of mind during my journey home, as well as a window on to the situation in my home when I needed it most.”

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*This case study has been anonymised at request of user.


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