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Rural living: 5 tips to protect your pets and property.

Rural living: 5 tips to protect your pets and property.

Just because you live on a farm, in the beautiful rural countryside or in a sleepy village, doesn’t mean you are exempt from being burgled.  

According to the Rural Crime report by NFU Mutual, in 2016 rural crime cost the UK £39.2 million, and whilst last year that figure fell by 4%, recent figures suggest it’s now on the increase.

The recent sharp rise in thefts and burglaries targeting farms and villages show that organised crime is growing and a major concern for many. 


Safety in numbers

If you own a farm, consider keeping up to date with relevant news, current crime trends and joining a local Farmwatch, in addition to joining your local neighbourhood watch scheme. If your area has a local committee, it’s worth joining forces to find ways the whole community can actively help prevent crime.

Smile, you’re protected by Blink

Install home security measures inside and outside of your home, with particular focus on positioning cameras to point and protect your pets, cars, bikes and even tractors, as well as entryways to driveways, garages and back gardens. You can also warn potential criminals that your property is protected by Blink home security and monitoring cameras with handy stickers available with Blink purchases.

Extra secure, extra peace of mind

Check that all fences, gates, locks, sheds, garages and all possible entryways are secure, with deadbolts or pin locks.  Use bike chain locks and vehicle immobilisers just in case.

Lights and sound

Use of security lighting at night on a timer, or simply motion sensor lights covering yards, drives and back gardens is a very effective way to deter criminals, along with using gravel on driveways as the noise can be distracting.    

Out of sight, out of mind

If you have ways to cover or store valuables such as jewellery or sports cars away from sight, it’s worth doing. If criminals are scoping your area for high value properties to target, having expensive and highly valuable possessions in plain sight is a massive temptation and an easy way to be a target.

Invest in Blink to protect your home and property, whether you are home alone in a rural setting, or need it just for extra peace of mind and another level of security. Not only is Blink stylish and unobtrusive, it's super easy to set-up and inexpensive. Explore the indoor and outdoor options here.

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