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Set Your Children Up with Wireless Home Security

Set Your Children Up with Wireless Home Security


Home security is especially important for families with children for, good reason. Here are our top five reasons for setting your children up with wireless smart home security.

The Diary of Social Media

Children often post where they are and what they are doing on social media. This could be dangerous if they become prey to an online predator, who can glean a lot of information, such as location or even your home address. Setting them up with a home monitoring device gives you the power to see and protect your children from the real-life consequences that result from unsafe internet use when they take interactions too far, without realising.

Are They Friends or Foes?

If your house is the popular place to hang out after school for your children’s friends, you’ll want to keep an eye on the activity when you’re not there. Give your children the opportunity to monitor their friends, as well. They may find that you were right about a certain friend all along.

Find Out Who Did it

Sibling rivalry is the cornerstone of childhood. With accusations thrown left, right and centre, it can be great for all your children to have some back-up when something gets broken or disappears. It also gives you unbiased leverage to supervise over the entire situation, seeing who’s really at fault.

Children are Active

Which is why we made our video cameras wireless. The cameras aren’t fixed, allowing flexibility to move the security camera whenever you see fit to make sure your children are covered.

Safety First

Children are often more trusting than older adults when it comes to meeting strangers. Getting your children familiar with your security system sets the tone for how you expect them to protect themselves, especially when you are not at home. There should be caution when opening doors to strangers or stopping to talk to them on the streets!

Confirmation of the Rules

Security cameras give you an idea of your child’s behaviour while at home, so you can tweak anything that may be unsafe. Are they home when they said they’d be? Did they sneak a forbidden snack before dinner? Security cameras enforce rules that otherwise, you wouldn’t be around to know were broken.

These actions all create a secure environment for your family and ensure peace of mind. With Blink, save time, money and hassle by installing a completely wireless security system the whole family can use via smartphones. Learn more at www.blinkforhome.co.uk


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