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Small Business Security Concerns That Aren't Cybersecurity

Small Business Security Concerns That Aren't Cybersecurity

As a small business owner, you’re busy at all hours of the day. While cybersecurity is important, it’s still important to remember the many security concerns that aren’t online. Here are just a few of them.


Vandalism costs small businesses a lot of money every year, sometimes millions of pounds. You never know when someone will break your windows, destroy your equipment, cover your walls with graffiti, or deface your property.

Vandals, however, don’t want their faces captured on camera or for police to be notified to catch them in the act of destroying property. Installing Blink can deter vandals from destroying your property in the middle of the night or during regular business hours.


If someone ever forces you to hand over cash or merchandise in a face-to-face altercation, you can document the entire event on camera so you have evidence you can present to the police. Not only will security footage increase your chances of receiving compensation for losses or damages, you might be able to stop the criminal from doing it again to someone else.



When you close your establishment at night or for renovations, or are away for weeks at a time, criminals take note and will try to break in to steal from you when you’re not there. However, with security cameras you can access on a mobile device, you’ll be able to see what’s going on 24-7. With the right security in place, police can also be notified so they can catch the burglars and ensure they don’t get away with what belongs to your business—whether you’re one mile or one thousand miles away.

Installing security cameras will give you peace of mind and keep your business secure whether you’re there or not.

Blink’s video security system is completely wireless, battery operated, easy to install, and very affordable. It’s also very practical to use and portable. You’ll be able to access your Blink wireless security system via a mobile app, no matter where you are, any time of day or night.  

Don’t wait. Take steps today to ensure our business is as secure as possible. Buy your Blink security cameras today, entirely contract-free at www.blinkforhome.co.uk


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