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8 home security tips before going on holiday

8 home security tips before going on holiday

With the arrival of Spring, it's the perfect times for staycations and city breaks. Are you excited to go away on holiday? Whilst it may be tempting to boast to the world your next holiday escape, it’s worth a re-think. A staggering 78% of burglars use social media to target properties, according to ADT

Don’t post airport selfies

Be cautious about posting your travel plans on social media, and instead save the sharing of updates until you return from your holiday. Telling the world your upcoming break gives burglars a heads up when your house is due to be vacant. Then, with a Google search, it can be relatively easy to pinpoint your house. If you do decide to post holiday snaps, it’s best to check your privacy settings and ensure your GPS location data is disabled. Make sure your kids social media is monitored appropriately and that the safety and privacy settings are reviewed regularly. Social media channels are updated often and therefore it’s important to check they are the same as when you last altered them.

Be mindful of your openness

The ease of posting on social media and conversing with friends can be taken for granted. You should always be mindful of posting detailed information about your whereabouts, schedule or even of yourself. When you share that tweet or post that selfie, depending on your existing privacy settings could mean you are broadcasting to the world – and therefore a potential criminal! 

Tell trusted neighbours and friends

Even if you don’t have a neighbourhood watch scheme, neighbours and close friends can still monitor the house and perimeter for anything suspicious. They can make sure the garden is tended to and remove the post, to make it less obvious you are away on holiday. Now, when you purchase any Blink home security camera, you'll be provided with a sticker to showcase your property is protected, helping to deter criminals!

Cancel services

Cancel any regular grocery, newspaper, milk and other deliveries while on holiday – alternatively Royal Mail offer a service whereby you can stop mail deliveries and have them resume on your return from holiday.

Wireless home security and video monitoring system

Believe it or not, some of the most sophisticated wireless home security systems can cost less than the hotel room you've booked. A home security and monitoring system will provide an enhanced level of security and peace of mind while you're away. An easy to set up wireless option is Blink, which sends temperature and motion alerts along with recorded or live video clips to a smartphone, anytime and from anywhere. These cameras can be positioned inside and outside of your property. You can be instantly alerted to a break in through the Blink app on your iOS or Android device.  

Security lighting

Thanks to automatic switches, you can make it appear as if you're home when you're not. Set up some internal and outdoor lights on automatic switches and be sure to pay special attention to entry points. These lights are generally inexpensive and easy to install but double-check that they are working properly before you go.

Check insurance and banking services

Ensure that your policies are paid up for homeowners, car, and medical insurance. If necessary, advise your bank and credit card companies that you will be away so that they can alert you to any unusual account activity.

Contact your alarm company

If you have the more formal home (and expensive) surveillance service instead of a DIY system, be sure that they have the current key holder details in order to prevent any false alarms interrupting your holiday. Has the alarm been serviced? Update the local authorities if you've registered your alarm with them.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Safe and Secure All Year

5 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Safe and Secure All Year

Restaurant owners know that protecting their investment is critical to success. In addition to insurance and common-sense safety measures to protect your patrons and employees, protecting your eatery against robbery, theft, and fraud should be a priority.

Keep Aware During Vulnerable Times

Robberies can happen at any time, however opening and closing times are when you are most vulnerable. Staff should always buddy up for bank runs, during deliveries, and after hours. No one should ever be alone in the building. The entire exterior of the facility should be inspected for signs of trouble daily before entering. At least one interior room should be lockable and securely designated as a safe room with a camera system. Staff should always be alert for signs of suspicious behaviour among customers, staff or passers-by and ready to call for help always.

Watch Your Employees

Employee theft is a major issue, applicable to office workers and those in the hospitality sector. Staff should be made aware that cash registers, offices, entries, staff rooms and inventory storage areas are under surveillance. Utilising a wireless camera system like Blink offers the advantage of remote monitoring and portable cameras that can be moved anytime. Emphasise to staff that these measures are for their protection.

Enforce Safety with a Camera

False injury claims against your employee’s insurance are costly. Stringent safety procedures and training should be undertaken to avoid hazards from slips and falls, burns, and cuts. No system can prevent every accident; however, a security system may lower your premiums—check with your insurer for details. When an injury is suspected as fraudulent, security camera footage is invaluable during the investigation.

Identify Your Level of Risk

Protect your business against acts of violence by accurately assessing and responding to your general level of risk. Adequate, well-trained staff, visible management, and well-lit, secured property perimeters can minimise incidents. How your business responds to an incident is as important as prevention. Being able to provide authorities with security footage cements your reputation as a safe environment for patrons and staff.

Lock Up Your Valuables

Burglars commonly try to get in and out quickly with cash, liquor, and valuable electronics. These items should be kept out of sight in locked areas. Cash drawers should be left empty and open when the restaurant is closed to prevent intruders from breaking into them.

Install Blink

One last security measure to take is to add Blink. Our affordable, easy-to-install Blink security system offers 24/7 remote monitoring without a monthly fee as well as the flexibility to move cameras and add or remove components anytime. Blink’s wireless camera systems protect your assets with up to two years of battery life for nonstop protection.

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How to choose a home security camera

How to choose a home security camera

It’s always worthwhile to regularly ensure your home and property is safe and secure. But how? Prioritising home security and monitoring cameras is a great step to take to protect yourself. There are a plethora of options available and so it can often be difficult to find which solution offers the best way to maximise peace of mind. So, here are some key things to consider when choosing a home security camera. Whether you are purchasing for Mother’s Day or for yourself, give the gift of tech!


How do you want to access the footage? While CCTV options have its uses, it’s handy to be able to see instantly the footage captured, straight from your smart phone, whilst you are out and about. With the cameras running on the Wifi, it’s possible to keep tabs on your home from work, aboard or even in the next room. A great feature of Blink cameras is that the footage is held via cloud, with no need for subscription fees, therefore you don’t have to worry about additional costs.  


There really is no need to spend huge amounts for snazzy, over-complicated and expensive CCTV equipment. These days, there are ways to still provide security solutions that don’t break the bank. There are smart home security options that are cost-effective with a one off, upfront cost only.


Do you want to live stream 24/7 potentially irrelevant happenings or do you want to see what’s happening when it's essential. With motion-detected alerts you can be instantly warned of more serious incidents or strange occurrences via your smartphone. Do you want to be able to monitor your home inside and outside within certain schedules? A Blink camera allows you to do all this and more. 

Ease of use

You don’t have to have an over-complicated system. Instead, an easy to use system that requires less than 5 minutes set-up offers instant peace of mind. Should you run into technical difficulties, you can access Blink tech support directly via the app. 

The Blink home security cameras are a perfect solution to monitor what’s happening inside and outside your property.

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