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Protect your home from tricks this Halloween

Protect your home from tricks this Halloween

The celebrated trend of trick-or-treating will see groups of children gather on your doorstep, eagerly expecting a tasty treat for their troubles. At face value, Halloween is a light-hearted tradition and a fun excuse for kids to dress up and enjoy some free sweets. However, the reality of the matter is that Halloween can sometimes be a daunting affair for homeowners.

Property owners can feel threatened by the notion that, if you can’t provide a treat, you will receive a trick – often in the form of property damage. Research from Aviva claims that malicious domestic damage increases by 150% during Halloween. For some property owners, it’s hard to find peace of mind on such a frantic night. However, there are certain tips and tricks (the good kind) that can help offer peace of mind for property owners on Halloween:

  • In trick-or-treat etiquette, a lit pumpkin is an invitation. If you don’t like the idea of strangers invading your doorstep, don’t leave a lit pumpkin outside of your house.
  • Don’t be afraid of putting a polite notice outside of your house to let people know that you won’t be answering the door to trick-or-treaters. It’s important that the notice isn’t too abrupt or abrasive, so you don’t antagonise the trick-or-treaters or potentially spur them into mischief.
  • One of the best ways to ensure peace of mind on Halloween is to have the chance to monitor the activity on your doorstep throughout the night, without having to physically answer the door. A Blink XT2 smart home security camera can be installed on the exterior of your property – out of arm’s reach, out of harm’s way – to provide a watchful eye over anyone approaching your home. Filming in HD night-vision and two-way audio, you will have recorded footage and the opportunity to scare any potential offender that might wish harm to your home!


No tricks, just Halloween Home Security Tips

No tricks, just Halloween Home Security Tips

It’s fast approaching Trick or Treat season, but don’t be fooled into thinking you are safe from burglars. Whilst Halloween can be fun, failing to secure your home or property can have nightmarish consequences.

Recent research highlighted by National Home Security Month shows a 25% spike in home burglaries during the darker days of winter. This initiative was set up to highlight this growing trend, to make consumers more aware of the risks, and actions that can be implemented to reduce a homeowner’s chance of being targeted by thieves.

Did you know Halloween and Bonfire Night are statistically the worst days for burglaries, with the latter having a 21% increase in claims?

Below are five tips to make sure you aren’t a victim of burglary in the next few months.

Trick or Treat

Will you be off to watch the fireworks or taking your children trick or treating? Remember to lock your doors and shut your windows, even if you are just popping out momentarily. The darkness, costumes and loud bangs of fireworks are perfect cover for thieves.

Bright Lights

Ensure the exterior of your house is well lit. The bright lights will deter any burglars, as there’s nowhere to hide.

Stranger Danger

Don’t be distracted by ghoulish and scary masks, use the peephole to screen visitors and ask who they are. If you are concerned, or just don’t recognise them, there's no need to answer or open the door.

Safe and Secure

Use cables and padlocks to secure your bikes or shed. Make sure that all valuables are kept hidden and that your car is locked.

Be Smart about Security

Utilising smart home security measures can work wonders in deterring burglars, but also, in the unlikely event you are burgled, the footage can be used as evidence. You can schedule your cameras via the app on your smartphone to arm and disarm when you know your home is vacant. There are many home security options, such as a Blink smart home security camera. 

With these tips you can be safe in the knowledge your home is secure, without worrying about these tricks.

We’ll soon be announcing the Blink XT Outdoor camera, a perfect addition to your existing Blink indoor smart home security and monitoring system. Look out for the latest updates via Twitter and Facebook.