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Peace of mind for parents with kids returning from school

Peace of mind for parents with kids returning from school

It's nearly time to go back to school, or for some, to start! The school run kicks back into gear, and the summer holidays slowly become just a memory. It can all add up to be tricky though, and for any parent or guardian, the safety and whereabouts of your children is a constant concern. Knowing when they’re home safe is peace of mind that goes a long way.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to achieve this peace of mind is to install a wireless home security camera that lets you know the very moment your children arrive home , via  a video clip notification directly to your smartphone. With Blink, all of this and more is provided, with up to 1080p HD recording quality and motion activated technology.

With just two standard AA lithium batteries, a Blink camera can run for up to two years until the power runs out, meaning you’ll never miss a moment. Additionally, users can watch a live stream from their Blink cameras anywhere in the world, at any time – ideal for making sure the ones you love are safe.


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Tips For Using Home Security Around Your Children

Tips For Using Home Security Around Your Children

For many parents, getting a home security system may feel like the beginning of helicopter parenting. That means a parent who closely hovers over their child’s every move – from school to extracurricular to their social life. Although this type of parent usually has good intentions, it often creates issues involving children’s struggle with independence.

There’s a difference between watching your child and ensuring their safety. And when done right, getting a home monitoring system does the job without leaving your children feeling the loss of privacy.

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep your video monitoring software beneficial to every member of the family.

 Don’t Use Your Security System to Parent.

With our LED lighting indicator, your children can guess when they are being recorded. The last thing they want to get is a phone call saying, “I saw that!” It’s kind of creepy, Mum and Dad! Resist the urge to check the cameras for things you’ve asked them to do; for example, making sure they ate a proper dinner, or that did their homework and brushed their teeth before bed. Watching your children too much can lead to them feeling uncomfortable and on edge in their own home.

 Do Only Check Footage for Security Breaches.

The main priority for your home security cameras are to make sure your kids are safe. Instead of watching their every move, do a quick check-in to make sure your children made it home safely from school. Got a sudden alert? Quickly check to make sure there’s no real threat. And no, that doesn’t always mean rushing home in a panic! With Blink, you quickly receive a push notification alert with a link to the video attached, so you can decide how to respond faster than ever.

 Don’t Place Cameras Where You Want to Spy.

Is the camera pointing to the biscuit tin necessary? Consider the places that need video security — the front door or the bedroom window facing the street — and make sure cameras are placed there first. The good thing about Blink is that the software is wireless and boasts a 2-year battery life. If one place isn’t capturing the footage you need, move it to another spot without hassle.

 Do Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Use the System.

Blink video security software is portable and operated from an app on your smartphone. Give your kids the independence to watch their bedrooms and playrooms for activity, just like you!

Choose from Blink’s amazing line of affordable indoor and outdoor security cameras to get your family feeling safer at home and more comfortable while everyone’s away. No contract needed!

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