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Blink Black Friday Sale Now On!

Blink Black Friday Sale Now On!

Have you ever thought about purchasing a home security camera?


Whether it’s to keep an eye on your home, check up on your new puppy whilst you’re out or even to make sure your elderly parents safe, home security cameras are becoming ever more popular. This is because they’re affordable, modern and easy to use. From the comfort of your palm, you can see exactly what your cameras seeing from your smart phone.

So far, our devices have found use from spotting wildcats in America, to Hedgehogs in England. Think about what you could use yours for!

We’re now offering an amazing Black Friday saving of up to 39% off our devices, valid until Cyber Monday. The Blink cameras also come with no subscription fees or data storage fee’s, so once you buy, you don’t have to worry about re-occurring costs.

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Package Theft Increases in the Festive Season

Package Theft Increases in the Festive Season

Guess how many shoppers had their parcels lost, damaged or significantly delayed? A staggering two thirds, a recent survey discovered.

According to complaints received by Citizens Advice, parcels being left in rubbish bins was the most common occurrence. The same survey of more than 2,000 online shoppers found 38% had parcels arrive late, including 16% who paid for a premium service!

With online shopping increasing in popularity due to its ease, these statistics could easily increase, especially if people aren’t vigilant. Whilst it is worth knowing your consumer rights, it’s also important to have evidence such as video footage, receipts and ensure your claim is followed up and dealt with.

Compared to figures last year, online Christmas spending is forecast to be better in 2017, with British families expected to spend an average of £820 on gifts, up 1.3% on last year. So, it’s worth keeping check on all your parcels and presents!

Many of these ‘lost packages’ are actually thieves who follow delivery drivers around hoping to snatch unattended parcels from porches. With a bigger increase in online shopping due to Christmas, and a huge volume of packages being delivered in the festive season, there is a lot of opportunity for enterprising criminals.
It's no surprise, then, that during this time of year, many people find themselves asking how they can prevent their expensive packages from being stolen. Having deliveries sent to a less vulnerable location, such as your office, is a good solution, but it's not possible for everyone and it doesn't account for weekend or after-hours deliveries. Many companies are unable to deliver to PO Boxes, or they require that the billing and shipping addresses to match. So, what can you do to protect yourself?

Safeguarding your home and property with a home security system and adding signage indicating that the property is under video surveillance, or part of a neighbour-hood watch scheme, has been proven to serve as a great crime deterrent. After all, why would a criminal risk being caught on a security camera when there are plenty of unguarded homes to rob? Home monitoring with a video security system helps provide unparalleled protection against theft.

Video footage of thefts can also be used in court as part of evidence to help identify criminals, and it could provide necessary proof for insurance claims. A home security system like Blink is a low cost, convenient measure that provides peace of mind against crimes like package theft.

Ideal for renters, Blink smart home security systems are battery operated and wireless, which means no drilling into walls or wiring into the electrical system. There are no monthly monitoring fees, and you can watch the feed right from your smartphone via our convenient app. Blink's easy-to-use wireless security cameras can be taken with you, so you never have to sacrifice peace of mind when you are travelling or on move.

Don't be a package thief's next target this holiday season. Guard your home and property with a Blink Security System.