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Theft at university - how to keep your accommodation safe

Theft at university - how to keep your accommodation safe

Every year, one in three 18-year olds start a new chapter of their life at university. The three years or more spent studying can be one of the best experiences of a young adult’s life. The opportunity to learn new skills, meet new friends, and prepare for professional life are just a handful of exciting things to do while at university.

With the good comes the bad though, as an unfortunate reality is that students are particularly susceptible to theft at university. A 2017 report from Direct Line found that one in four students are burgled at university, with 80 percent of student thefts occurring at city universities. In fact, £25 million worth of goods have reportedly been stolen from student accommodation since 2014.

The report also revealed a list of the most stolen goods from students, with high value tech hardware such as laptops, mobile phones, and home entertainment topping the list.


Ways to keep your belongings safe

Insure your items:

Sometimes the bad guys win, and when they do, make sure you’ve got yourself covered. Insuring your items means that if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged, then insurers will replace your tech.

Keep social media safe:

Although it’s always tempting to flaunt your tech off to the world, it’s only helping thieves instead of impressing friends. By utilising social media, thieves can see what you own, and with a bit of digging, where to find it.

Lock your room and house:

Coming in after a night out is a time when things may slip your mind, however locking up is essential. Something as simple as sticking a note on the inside of the door can make the difference between theft and safety.

Install a wireless security camera:

This is one of the most advanced methods of home protection, and also one of the easiest. Whilst there are many brands on the market, Blink offer a comprehensive and reliable product that utilises wireless motion activated security technology.


Peace of mind for parent and student alike

Blink is a cost-effective solution to having a safer room at university. Installing a wireless motion activated camera such as Blink means a power efficient device will keep a watchful eye on your living space, that has no subscription fee or data storage charges – the perfect one-off purchase.

Blink offers HD video recording, and sends instant alerts to the owner’s smartphone, meaning that people will know exactly what’s happening, when it happens, and victims to theft will have clear video evidence of the incident.

This is especially beneficial for overseas parents who want to keep a watchful eye on their child’s accommodation. In the UK, 19 percent of students studying in higher education are foreign students, with 13 percent of this being students from outside the EU. Being so far away can be difficult, and so Blink will help if anything ever goes wrong in the flat or house.

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Peace of Mind When the Kids Leave for Uni: Protect Their New Digs With a Security Cam System

Peace of Mind When the Kids Leave for Uni: Protect Their New Digs With a Security Cam System

If your children are about to head off to University it's only natural to have concerns about their security. You can still help to protect your not-so little ones in their new accommodation. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting them a security camera system.

43% of UK Burglaries Don't Involve Forced Entry

The Office for National Statistics reports that 57 percent of home break-ins in 2015-2016 involved a forced entry while 43 percent were burglaries that didn't require force. That means that a significant portion of burglaries occurred when a resident simply didn't lock their doors and windows. Make sure your children know how important these practices are in their new home. These statistics show that even in the face of simple safety precautions, most burglars will not be deterred. Which is why traditional security measures, especially in shared accommodation, should be boosted with additional visible security.

Video Monitoring Works 

Police agree - video surveillance cameras are one of the most effective deterrents to burglars and home invaders. An alarm alone helps, but criminals know that without video footage, they can execute a clean getaway before anyone responds to the alarm. When you have video monitoring, a criminal’s likeness is captured forever. Talk about a disincentive!

Protect the Ones You Love

Blink is proud to bring you a revolutionary video home security system that is completely wireless, self-installed, and shockingly affordable. Just a few minutes of self set-up, and you and your kids can view their camera feeds from anywhere just by checking their smart phone. Blink wants to remove the barriers between you and the home security system you need. So what are you waiting for? Join the home security revolution and learn more today.

To learn more visit www.blinkforhome.co.uk, or purchase directly through Amazon.