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Three benefits of using Blink’s temperature feature

Three benefits of using Blink’s temperature feature

Did you know that Blink cameras have a built-in temperature sensor? This nifty feature allows you to monitor the current temperature in the location where the camera is placed.

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, Blink cameras can withstand the unpredictable hot and cold extremes that Britain has been experiencing in recent years as they have an operating temperature range of -20° to 45°. By simply activating temperature alerts on the Blink app, an instant notification will be sent to your phone when the temperature changes from your desired thresholds.

Here are three ways this can be useful:

Safeguard vulnerable people  

Having an elderly or vulnerable loved one that lives alone can be worrying, as they may be forgetful about turning things off and on.   Receiving an alert when the temperature changes is helpful to caregivers as they can use Blink’s click-to-talk feature to speak directly to the person or decide to visit to offer greater assistance.

We received a message from a Blink customer who installed a Blink system in the home of a senior parent diagnosed with dementia and said that “this camera was invaluable because it let me carry on working and keep an eye on my mum too.”   


Keep an eye on pets outdoors

Many Blink customers report that they use their cameras to monitor pets at home. Some even use them in outdoor kennels, catteries and aviaries.   Animal carers know the importance of maintaining correct temperatures. Being notified of temperature fluctuation via the app could indicate to pet owners of poor ventilation in the animal enclosure or the onset of a sharp change of weather conditions. 

An additional benefit of using Blink XT2’s infra-red night-vision is that it captures great footage of outdoor wildlife.

Reduce environmental threats while away from home

Ever get that nagging feeling you haven’t closed the window or turned the heating off at home when you’re supposed to be relaxing on holiday? Put your mind at ease and check the temperature at home while you’re away on the Blink app. If the heating has been left on, ask a friend or family member pop by and switch it off, they could even water the plants at the same time! 

Find out how to set up temperature alerts by clicking here.


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