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Tips to keep your home safe this spring

Tips to keep your home safe this spring

With spring finally here, we can soon expect longer days and kinder weather. To many homeowners, spring brings a change of behaviour as outdoor furniture is uncovered, the BBQ gets a clean and the puncture on the pushbike finally gets repaired, all in readiness for outdoor adventures.

However, the process of spring cleaning can inadvertently make the home less secure and more attractive to opportunist thieves. Here, we outline some tips to maintain home security during springtime:


Keep outbuildings locked

Sunshine and BBQs are synonymous. As soon as we catch a glimpse of those warm rays, we’re going to want to make the most of our gardens that may have been neglected over the winter months. Time for a trim. Lawnmowers, weed trimmers and secateurs are forced out of idleness as we pry them from our sheds and garages.

Thieves know that sheds and garages can contain items of considerable value such as power tools and bicycles which can be quickly spirited away. Secure outbuildings with bolt locks and padlocks to ensure that the possessions inside are safe after use.


Secure entry points

The smell of fresh cut grass may be enticing to some - inviting us to fling open our windows and patio doors to soak in that sweet smell of spring. However, it can be easy to forget to shut those windows and doors behind us, particularly if we must leave the house in a hurry for whatever reason (probably running late for the third BBQ of that weekend!).

For potential thieves, leaving a window open is like rolling out the red carpet. Be certain that every potential point of entry to the property is totally secure before you leave by remembering to lock windows and doors. Not only will this significantly reduce thieves’ chances of entering the property, it can also afford peace of mind as we gorge on the second hotdog of the third BBQ of that weekend.


Video Home Security system

Blink is an Alexa enabled system which securely connects via a smartphone app and your home wi-fi. As a wireless system, the cameras can be placed anywhere on the property in range of the system’s wi-fi sync unit. With each camera’s batteries lasting two years and no subscription costs to access the motion triggered videos they, are a cost-effective alternative to CCTV systems.

The key advantage of Blink is that it records and sends a video clip of whatever motion triggered the camera to record. You know exactly what and when something is happening, enabling you to act. With Blink you can choose for the cameras to illuminate when they record, ensuring that the thief knows he’s been lit up and is being recorded. With the footage stored securely in the cloud, you’ll have the evidence for posterity.

For external home security, we recommend the weatherproof, infra-red wireless Blink XT system. A one camera system costs just £149.99 with no extra subscription fees or add-on costs.


See Blink’s full range here: https://blinkforhome.co.uk/pages/products-buy-now


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