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Top Safety Tips for Women

Top Safety Tips for Women

Let’s hear it for strong, smart, independent women making it on their own. Living alone is amazing, but you need to be smart about home security. Keep reading for our top safety tips for women living alone. 

Be smart about social media

Resist the urge to tweet or post that you’re out of town or that you’re home alone watching Netflix. Don’t give the general public insight into your goings-on, instead it's best to update in retrospective. 

Leave porch lights on all night

This only works if you have a house or a ground floor apartment, of course. But when there are bright lights around a home’s exterior, burglars will be less likely to want to target that home. Alternatively, schedule lights to come on at set times if you are away from your home or on holiday. This will still deter burglars. 

Lock doors when you’re home alone

You should always lock your doors when you go out. However, it’s just as important to keep your doors locked even when you are at home so no one can barge in on you. It's not unheard of to be burgled while there's someone at the house, whether it's daytime or nighttime. 

Don’t open the door to a stranger

No matter who a stranger says they are, you should be cautious about opening the door to anyone. Make sure you have a well-functioning peephole so you can screen visitors before opening up your door. Also, consider investing in a security camera to place on the exterior of your home, launching soon in the UK.

Get a dog… or fake one

A nice big dog will help you feel more secure and scare off intruders. Not a fan of big slobbery animals? No problem! You can get similar security benefits by adding a “beware of dog” sign to your property. 

Be smart about your front garden

If you have a front garden or a car parking space, it's worth putting gravel outside as the noise deters any intruders. Having a gate too helps ward off unwelcome individuals, along with a path. 

Get an affordable home security system

You may think that a video monitoring security system is out of reach in your budget. That’s where Blink comes in! This wireless, self-install video home security system requires no monthly contracts or hidden fees. Just buy, install, and you’ll be viewing security camera footage of your home from your smart phone.

While your safety and security at home are worth any price, you don’t actually have to pay an arm and a leg. Check out Blink’s affordable prices, and start living smarter and safer today.



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