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Keeping an eye on tradesmen at home

Keeping an eye on tradesmen at home

We’re always pleased to receive Blink user videos of fun footage. The latest video shared by Johann, a Blink XT customer in Ireland, really stands out though.

He’s published a time-lapsed video showing the construction of his patio extension using motion-captured footage from his Blink cameras mounted on the exterior of his home.

Check out the 90-second video here:


Blink and you’re home

Having footage of whatever’s happening at home is especially useful when you are having tradesmen in and around the property. This also applies to other services that come to your home such as gardeners, cleaners, dog walkers, carers, baby sitters and especially when you are expecting home delivery’s!

With Blink not only do you get instant alerts of footage sent to your smartphone and recorded for prosperity, you can check-in anytime from anywhere using the live-view functionality.

 To find out more about Blink cameras click here

Blink XT two-camera system is QVC's "Today's Special Value" offer!

Blink XT two-camera system is QVC's "Today's Special Value" offer!

We're pleased to reveal details about a Blink special sale on QVC UK today. The ever-popular two-camera XT system is available at £40 off the RRP.

This QVC "Today's Special Value" Blink XT deal includes double the normal amount of cloud storage capacity, 240 hours worth in total, and includes extra an extra window sticker to put up at your property. All for the knock-down price of just £199.99 which includes free delivery! 

Hurry, this offer will end by midnight and is only available at QVC UK. Click here for more details: https://bit.ly/2WD4JcL