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Blink Integrations

More Options. More Power.
Connect your Blink System to Amazon Alexa-enabled devices for voice commands at home. Connect your Blink to IFTTT to integrate with hundreds of smart-home services.

Amazon Echo Alexa

Use Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo or Echo Dot to arm and disarm your Blink camera security system! Just search for "Blink" in your Amazon Alexa app.


Integrate your Blink System with smart-home brands like SmartThings and Phillips Hue. Make sure to use the "Blink (Europe)" applet.

What about Google Home?

Although we do not have a direct connection to Google Home yet, Blink customers can create an integration with their Google Home device through the IFTTT integration in the EU. Make sure you use the "Blink (Europe)" IFTTT applet.