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Safety and Compliance Information

Safety and Compliance Information Use Responsibly. Read all instructions and safety information before use.




Important Safeguards:

Lithium Battery Safety Information

The Lithium batteries accompanying this device cannot be recharged. Do not open, disassemble, bend, deform, puncture, or shred the battery. Do not modify, attempt to insert foreign objects into the battery or immerse or expose to water or other liquids. Do not expose the battery to fire, explosion or other hazard. Promptly dispose of used batteries in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If dropped and you suspect damage, take steps to prevent any ingestion or direct contact of fluids and any other materials from the battery with skin or clothes.

If a battery leaks, remove all batteries and recycle or dispose of them in accordance with battery manufacturer’s recommendations. If fluid from the battery comes into contact with skin or clothes, flush with water immediately.

Insert the batteries in the proper direction as indicated by positive (+) and negative (-) markings in battery compartment. It is highly recommended to use Lithium batteries with this product. Do not mix used and new batteries or batteries of different types (for example, Lithium and alkaline batteries). Always remove old, weak, or worn-out batteries promptly and recycle or dispose of them in accordance with Local and national disposal regulations.


Other Safety and Maintenance Considerations

  1. Your Blink XT2 can withstand outdoor use and contact with water under certain conditions. However, Blink XT2 is not intended for underwater use and may experience temporary effects from exposure to water. Do not intentionally immerse your Blink XT2 in water or expose it to liquids. Do not spill any food, oil, lotion, or other abrasive substances on your Blink XT2. Do not expose your Blink XT2 to pressurized water, high velocity water, or extremely humid conditions (such as a steam room).
  2. When using your Blink XT2 outdoors, you should power Blink XT2 exclusively with batteries. You should not power your Blink XT2 outdoors with the AC power adapter and USB cable included for use with the Sync Module. Using your Blink XT2 outdoors with a power adapter or USB cable not compatible with outdoor use could result in electric shock or other injury and damage.
  3. To protect against electric shock, do not place cord, plug, or device in water or other liquids.
  4. Your Sync Module is shipped with an AC adapter. Your Sync Module should only be used with the AC power adapter and USB cable included in box. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock when using the AC adapter, carefully follow these instructions:
    • Do not force the power adapter into a power outlet.
    • Do not expose power adapter or its cable to liquids.
    • If the power adapter or cable appears damaged, discontinue use immediately.
    • Power adapter designed only for use with Blink devices.
    • Only use the power adapter indoors. 
  1. Closely supervise children when the device is used by or near children.
  2. Only use accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer. Use of third-party accessories may lead to damage of your device or accessory and may cause fire, electric shock, or injury.
  3. To avoid risk of electric shock, do not touch your Sync Module or any wires connected to it during a lightning storm.
  4. Sync Module for indoor use only.


Additional safety, compliance, recycling and other important information regarding your device can be found in the Blink Home Monitor App in About Blink > Legal Notices.



Before using Blink Camera ("Device"), please read the terms and policies for the Device located in your Blink Home Monitor App in About Blink > Legal Notices (collectively, the "Agreement"). By using your Device, you agree to be bound by the Agreement. In the same sections, you can find the Privacy Policy which is not part of the Agreement.



This warranty for the Blink Camera (the “Device”) is provided by the entity set forth below. The provider of this warranty is sometimes referred to herein as “We”. We warrant the Device against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for two years from the date of original retail purchase. During this warranty period, if a defect arises in the Device, and you follow the instructions for returning the Device, we will, at our option, to the extent permitted by law, either (i) repair the Device using either new or refurbished parts, (ii) replace the Device with a new or refurbished Device that is equivalent to the Device that is to be replaced, or (iii) refund to you all or part of the purchase price of the Device. This limited warranty applies, to the extent permitted by law, to any repair, replacement part or replacement device for the remainder of the original warranty period or for ninety days, whichever period is longer. All replaced parts and Devices for which a refund is given shall become our property. This limited warranty applies only to hardware components of the Device that are not subject to accident, misuse, neglect, fire or other external causes, alterations, repair or commercial use.


For specific instructions about how to obtain warranty service for your Device, please contact Customer Service using the contact information found at www.blinkforhome.co.uk under the ‘Support’ tab. In general, you will need to deliver your Device in either its original packaging or in equally protective packaging to the address specified by Customer Service. Before you deliver your Device for warranty service, it is your responsibility to back up any data, software or other materials you may have stored or preserved on your Device. It is possible that such data, software or other materials will be lost or reformatted during service, and we will not be responsible for any such damage or loss.

This limited warranty gives you specific rights. If you are a consumer, you may have additional rights under applicable law, and this limited warranty is provided in addition to, and without prejudice to, your consumer rights.


This warranty is provided by Immedia Semiconductor, LLC , 100 Riverpark Drive North Reading, Massachusetts 01864.



You can find the Terms of Use, Limited Warranty, and other applicable terms at https://blinkforhome.co.uk/pages/blink-terms-warranties-and-notices. Instructions for using the Device, other Device information, and Customer Service contact information can be found at https://blinkforhome.co.uk.

Product Specifications Blink XT2

Model Number: BCM01200U

Electrical Rating: 2 1,5V AA Single Use Lithium Metal batteries and optional USB 5V 1A external power supply

Operating Temperature: -20 to 45 degrees C

Product Specifications Sync Module

Model Number: BSM01203U

Electrical Rating: 100-240V 50/60 HZ 0,2A

Operating Temperature: 0 to 35 degrees C



Hereby, Amazon.com Services, Inc. declares that the radio equipment type [BCM01200U, BSM01203U] is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following Internet address: https://blinkforhome.com/pages/certifications.

Blink XT2

Model Number: BCM01200U

Wireless Features: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz: 2412 - 2472 MHz

Maximum Radio Frequency Power: Wi-Fi 2.4G: 18 dBm;

Proprietary RF Control: 9.72 dBm

Sync Module

Model Number: BSM01203U

Wireless Features: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz: 2412 - 2472 MHz

Maximum Radio Frequency Power: Wi-Fi 19.4 dBm;

Proprietary RF Control: 13.7 dBm

Radio Frequency Compliance

In order to protect human health, this device meets the thresholds for exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields according to Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC. This device should be installed and operated with at least 20 cm between the radiator and your body.

Other Information

For additional safety, compliance, recycling, and other important information regarding your device, please refer to the Legal and Compliance section of the Settings menu on your device.

Product Disposal Information

Dispose of the product in accordance with Local and National Disposal Regulations. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

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